what an interesting day!

everyone on myspace always posts bulletins at this time of night (1:23 am) summarizing their day. i choose to blog about my day instead.

today was interesting. that is the perfect word for it.

today was supposed to be beach day. coincidentally, i have no tank tops in my closet. every time i go to the beach, i get really awkward farmer's tans. (see blog a few blogs below.) i decided, this was not going to happen again. so i woke up early and did my hair so i could go to the mall and get some tank tops. then i went back home. 

my dad gets home a little later with his new ipod touch that came free with the laptop he just ordered. yes, new toy! as i am exploring the wonderful wi-fi on this tiny device, i discover a canceled facebook event. uhoh. no more beach trip! so much for waking up early!

i waste some time...a lot of time actually.

then comes the confusion of hannah's 8th grade promotion. she wants us to go but she only has 4 tickets. phone calls back and forth trying to figure out who gets to go and who doesn't. mom gets home and yells at me to get dressed to go with her. "wait, mom, i can't go! she only has four tickets and i'll be person number 5!" more confusion. guess you had to be there to truly understand the intensity of this confusion. anyways, i end up staying home with dad. 

i go into my room to watch "gone with the wind." watching it leaves me with four words: gone with my life. goodbye four hours that i will never regain. and what a depressing four hours they were!

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2 Responses to “ what an interesting day! ”

Yvette said...

frankly my dear... i can't believe you didn't like that movie!

liz! said...

i LOVE that movie! it makes me sad and depressed, but i still love it! hahaha. (my only complaint is that is too long.)

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