"Sometimes, praying is ALL you can do."

44 days til England! I am sooooo stinkin excited! And now I have my lovely new SLR so that makes me even more excited!

...but of course, Satan has to throw an annoying problem in my path. It's been a big distraction and frustration and I can't get it to go away! i guess i haven't been tackling it the right way either. i tend to run away from my problems rather than face them. I guess the bigger problem is that I don't know how to face this problem. People are constantly giving me advice on what to do and what not to do, but who do I listen to?? I just end up in a cloud of confusion.

So once again I am asking, if you are reading this, please say a quick prayer for me. If you know my problematic situation, don't give me more advice. I can't handle anymore. lol. Please just pray. As Mike Chaddick stressed several times yesterday, "Sometimes, praying is ALL you can do."

Thanks friends.

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