"They slept before ten."

It's funny to think how deprived I can get when the power goes out for 2 and a half hours. Last night was definitely interesting. My phone was dying, but I couldn't charge it. And of course it did die, because I sucked all the remaining battery by texting compulsively since there was nothing else to do. I couldn't watch t.v. and I couldn't go online. Even though my laptop was still on cuz I had already charged it, the stupid dsl modem and our wireless router are run by electricity! Then, to top that off, it was suuuuuuper dark so I couldn't even read. I was SO bored. What in the world did people do during colonial days? "They slept before ten," was my dad's wise answer. 

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2 Responses to “ "They slept before ten." ”

Yvonne said...

They used candles.

liz! said...

very true! but we had like over 20 candles lit and it was STILL super dark...and boring! lol.

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