Becca's Poem

Scared that Becca would randomly decide to delete her myspace and I would lose her beautiful poem forever, I decided I would post it here. All credit goes to her of course.

"Hope? Yes, Indeed."
by Becca Harden

these feeling are temporary
but for a few moments
whether acknowledged or not
they seem to have a hold on you
you begin to build this image inside your head
of what could be
or what should be
and you lose your balance
but only for a few moments
until you look to the cross
and see the One who paid it all
and you remember
He is with you
standing right beside you
holding your hand
and saying
"I love you, My beautiful child.
Hold on tight, and whatever happens, try not to let go.
When you are scared, just grasp tighter.
I will never let you go."

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I LOVE IT!!!!!

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