Inspiration from a novel.

Funny how you can gain so much inspiration from a novel.

"Be careful following what feels right in a day. Our feelings change with a moment, or a word....You must find the answer to such questions in life. Not ignore them or go off the momentary emotion. First, seek God in these things. Ask for His guidance. The heart itself is a fickle organ. Then seek your purpose, and once you find it, be dedicated to those things God instilled within you even through the bad feelings."


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Anonymous said...


Yvonne said...

What book is that from?

And excuse me you said that you were gonig to write a blog before you left....where?

liz! said...

it's from "orchid house" by cindy martinusen.

oh, and i DID blog before i left! it's the blog right after this one!

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