Long car ride are sometimes a blessing.

Driving home from church is always boring for me cuz it takes me at least 45 minutes. I usually try to make the time fly by either listening to music or calling people.

Tonight, I called three people, all of which didn't answer. I was about to turn on the radio but I sensed God telling me, "Let's spend some time together." It was pretty amazing! Pretty much, the best prayer sessions take place in my car! God is sooooo good! There is SO much to thank Him for. And as Garid Beeler always says, your attitude is totally changed once you start thanking God for everything. It just turns your mood into a good mood!

Basically, I say this to say (haha, I know that was redundant), cherish those quiet times. Spend some alone time with Jesus. It's a blessing...I promise.

p.s. as of the next few minutes, it'll be 11 days til england! =]

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