People always say, "My life is flashing before my eyes!"

Well, I have a revision for that line. My life has already flashed before my eyes!

Seriously, where has the time gone?! I find it ridiculous that there are only 77 more days of school! (There's the countdown for you, CBU students!) Honestly, most people look forward to school finishing, but I am not looking forward to it. It's just like a sad reiteration that I am getting old. What makes it worse is that I have no idea what I am gonna do with the rest of my life!

Oh well! Here's to my completely unknown future! Thankfully, God knows!

As Raul Ries so often says, "Praise the Lord for the Lord!"

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4 Responses to “ Already. ”

Faith said...

NOOOOOO, why did you have to remind me!??! D:

Liz! said...

hahaha someone was bound to. i thought i'd be the one =]

K.C. said...

And who knows...we could be dead before tomorrow even happens....

sorry to be a

Yvonne said...


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