Pessimistic? I think not.

I have a theory. Pessimism is more entertaining than optimism.

I promise, I'm not honestly a pessimist. I just appear that way in my blogs for the sake of humor. The real problem in this case is my obsession over blog comments. They excite me--they fill me with joy!  Too bad the good, beneficial optimistic blogs never get any comments. 

On a different note, I am trying to culture myself. I want to be well-versed. I want to know what all the big words in the dictionary mean. It all started yesterday. And it has become an obsession. (I am realizing I have way too many obsessions.) "Crestfallen" is now a regular word in my vocabulary...well, as regular as pessimism goes anyways. 

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2 Responses to “ Pessimistic? I think not. ”

julsie said...

Blog comments are quite spectacular, aren't they?
And learn something new everyday!
Used in a sentence: I am not crestfallen when I receive blog comments.
Haha! much love sister!

Liz! said...

ha! that was glorious! thanks for preventing me from being crestfallen in regards to this blog post! =]

much love to you too! =]

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