Colds, ID Cards, and Double Doors.

Today is filled with interestingness. Yes, I know that is not a word.

First, I caught a cold. Why is that interesting, might you ask? Well, because I had told myself I wasn't going to. I have super strong immunity and can fight off anything! Uhh, guess not. 

Next, some more interestingness that I will not explain any further. Enjoy the curiosity!

Then, I lost my ID card. I seriously had a goal of having the same one all four years. Guess not! Unless it miraculously shows up sometime later today. I sure hope so. I don't want to pay for another one. It's so lame though cuz I had it during lunch at the caf! I must have left it there when I left for class. I realized during class and went straight back to the caf afterwards. But it was gone. They even checked the back to see if I left it on my tray. No luck. 

On a different note, double doors make me angry. I don't know why this is SUCH a big deal to me, but it really is. It is extreeeeemely annoying to me when I walk up to double doors, pull the one on the left, discover it is locked, and end up having to use the right one. Am I the only person who faces this problem on a continuous basis? Grr! You would think this is a problem that only lefties face, but apparently when you always hold things in your right hand, you face life as a lefty. Oh, woe is me!

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5 Responses to “ Colds, ID Cards, and Double Doors. ”

Yvonne said...

Just tell campus life that you did lose it but that you were told to get a new one anyways can they just give it to you. They might they can check and see that you have only had one I think. But first ask them if they found it becuase if you left it someone probably picked it up and brought it to them or your office of public saftys office. Ask around lol!

P.S. why didnt you have it in your key thing anyways?

Liz! said...

i donno why i didn't put it back in my key thing!

but guess what! they found it! yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Yvette said...

the door thing always happens to me!

Liz! said...

glad to know i'm not the only one! hahaha!

Allison said...

sorry to disappoint u liz but even if you tell yourself not to get sick, it doesnt matter...sometimes you just cant hear yourself lol

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