One Million Can. Do Something Now.

I have been really into the fightFOCA campaign lately. Actually, anything that has to do with going against our nation's stance on abortion. The new recent thing is the Red Envelope Campaign. Check out my previous blog on the topic.

But I am realizing more and more, while our efforts to convert our nation to becoming anti-abortion are important, we need to be more globally minded as well. 

The Passion Conferences have been very good at getting the word out about the many issues going on throughout the world. And they are definitely reaping what they are sowing! 

They have a new campaign going on right now. Well, it's not really a new one, just a collaboration of all the old ones. It's called One Million Can. And from their million dollar goal, they have already raised $514,008.82! Praise the Lord!

Join the effort and make an impact for the kingdom!

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