I have a FAT stack of books on my dresser. And on my desk. And on my bed. And on the floor along the wall. There is NO ROOM for them all all in my bookshelf. Reality hasn't sunk in—the fact that school is over and that I am home for four months. I hate unpacking.

To start off my break, I went to the hospital tonight to visit my cousin. Please pray for her. She pneumonia reeeeally bad. She can't even breathe on her own and has an oxygen mask giving her 100%.

Being in a hospital breaks my heart. Every open door that I passed and every patient I caught a glimpse of softened my heart. It kinda gave me a new passion to pray. I want to be a prayer warrior. I know I don't pray enough. I hate hospitals, but I almost wanna go to one and just go room to room and pray for everyone. God has the power to heal. And even though He sometimes finds it best not to heal people physically, He can heal their hearts and their souls.

God, please refuel my prayer fire.

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Yvonne said...


Sera Nelson said...

Why don't you sell some of your books, like your school books that you don't need anymore... You can sell books on amazon, it's free to list books !

Liz! said...

i actually DO sell on amazon a lot! =]

but i like to keep all my christian studies books...and after this crazy semester, i have A LOT more of those! lol.

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