"a Sinner on: shutting up and listening" —Julianne Varcie

My friend Julianne, a very gifted writer, posted this on her blog the other day. It was honestly one of the greatest blogs I have read in my entire life. Totally hit home with me. I desperately wanted to share it with the world, so it was pretty much a dream come true when she granted me the permission to repost it. Read it and enjoy. Let it simmer.

"a Sinner on: shutting up and listening" —Julianne Varcie

It won't take many words to get across my main thought for this one.

I dare to suggest that one of the reasons that we do not stop to listen to God is because we are terrified of what He will say to us.

Sure, maybe we pray about things, perhaps even fervently. And maybe we look around for "signs" that may indicate that our prayer has been answered in a certain way. But think about how flawed this is.
If we were having a conversation with any human person, would we not wait for their reply? Would we ask for something, be it physical, or maybe advice and then walk away before the person had processed or begun to speak?
Obviously, the answer is no.
That would be rude.
But why do we do that to God?
"God, I really need guidance in Situation A, B, and C. Please guide me and show me what to do."
Perhaps it is that we see God as only giving us physical signs. By that I mean, a friend giving us godly counsel, or something that just seems odd or out of place, so we take it as a sign.

Sean Durham recently blogged a Richard Selzer quote- "One is not bold in an encounter with God."
I think this quote perfectly illustrates my point.
While we can come boldly to the throne of grace (Heb 4:16), if we were to just shut up and listen for once, what great, terrible, terrifying things would we hear?
How many times have I complained about wanting to know God's will? Or how many times have I prayed about it, said "amen" and moved on to the next thing?
Perhaps the answer comes from listening and the reason we feel that our prayers are never answered is because we don't hear the answer.

Classic example: we women often accuse men of not listening to us. Whether they are busy or really just not focusing, how many times have we thrown out a complaint over their lack of comprehension over what we have to say?
I'd love to know if this makes God laugh. Not only because of our lack of understanding the opposite sex, but because maybe God is talking to us all the time, but we never stop and listen to Him. Rather, maybe it makes him sad.

This principle is true for me.
Sure, I can blame not listening on never having realized that I should stop to do so. Or I can continue to plan (or rather not plan) my time and let it sift by.
But ultimately, maybe it comes down to being afraid of what He will say.
If we were to encounter what He would say, what would happen?
Our lives would never be the same.
The Red Sea had an encounter with God: it was parted.
Moses encountered God: he glowed.
Saul met Jesus: he was blinded and changed.

Fear and trembling.

What are some things you fear He will say?

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