It's a battle. One between my brain and my body. Love/hate relationship. Honestly, I didn't know that was even possible. Choppy sentences. That's how this blog is cuz that's how my brain feels right now. Bleh. OUCH. Ohhhhh U Crappy Heart. That's the descriptive acronym for the day. Make that for the week. Nah, life in general. Life is DEFINITELY not dull. Loopy. That's how I feel. Slept at 3:30 the past I donno how many nights. Whoa. Lack of sleep getting to me? I drink way too much caffeine. Wow.

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2 Responses to “ OUCH. ”

Yvonne said...

Poor Lizard poo.

P.S. funny...ironic...my lil word verification thing says "singles" lol

Liz! said...

HAHAHAHAHA! that's amazingly hilarious! they usually aren't even real words!

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