Four Vacations.

My brain is going at about 200 mph. It's gonna overheat—I know it.

I am SO ready for a vacation!

12 days til Indiana!
20 days til Norcal with Yvonne!
60 days til Jr. High Camp!
74 days til England!

Praise the Lord for FOUR vacations! =]

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2 Responses to “ Four Vacations. ”

Yvonne said...

1- I can't believe you are soooo excited for a vacation...from your vacation??? lol!!!
2- Indiana, why don't I know about this one?????
3- 20 days...YAY!!!!!!!!
4- 27 days until I come to So- Cal with you. Fun road trip!!! =]
5- I LOVE YOU!!!
6- Where is my blog? lol!

David D. said...

Nice. I take my Vacations day by day.

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