Lessons Learned and Facts Discovered.

You can learn a lot during an eight hour drive!

1) The grass really IS greener on the other side.
2) Squirrels are NUTS. They run across busy roads without even looking both ways.
3) 99% of cows are NOT black and white like the media likes to tell us......oh wait, we found them. They are all at the million cow farm!
4) There are NO crows at Crow's Landing.
5) We saw 116 blown out tires AND we even saw one happening on a big rig! Scaaaary.
6) Pyramids, yes. Egypt, no. But we DID see where Moses struck the rock.
7) We saw a metrolink on the right lane of the freeway.

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Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

Way toooo much fun, even though we didnt get to go see the fun things we saw.

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