Today's Untweeted Tweets!

There were like a MILLION things i wanted to tweet today but i thought i'd spare my tweeps. So i figured i'd just write a blog of tweets instead. Enjoy! :)

• 1-800-GOOG-411 never understands yvonne but it always understands me. She said it's because i sound automated. Lol.
• "i wish i could smack people on facebook." -yvonne
• "listing, city, and state please" "PAPA MURPHY'S, CALIFORNIA!" Yvonne can't tell the difference between listings and cities apparently. Lol. (No, she did not mean papa john's. This is norcal's papa.)
• Paul Cardall's cd titled "Primary Worship" is classified on iTunes as new age. Strange.
• "I love stopping crazy with you in my car cuz then it's like i have my own personal bobblehead." -yvonne

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Yvonne said...

How has no one commented...this blog is amazing!!!!!!

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