Red Lightening, Van Gogh, & Tornado Watches.

Indiana is different. Haha. But I think that's what makes it so enjoyable!

I feel like I am in the Bible Belt here. I mean, I know I'm not in the south, but it is definitely country here. Way more country than I have ever experienced. And way more churches. Country churches. Haha.

And the first day we got here, I saw RED lightening. It was kinda cool and kinda freaky at the same time. I didn't hear any thunder though, so I felt safe. That was, until the middle of the night. I was awakened twice by the loudest, fiercest thunder I have ever heard. Then it started pouring rain.

It was bright and sunny by the morning though, so my dad and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. And that's where I saw it—an ORIGINAL van Gogh! It was there right before my eyes, hanging on the wall, and NOT encased in glass, even though it is worth $400 million! I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I even took a picture next to it to prove it to all you doubters (and I will upload that as soon as I get home on friday). =] Pretty much, that made my day. It totally surpassed the glory of both the original Picasso and the original Rembrandt I also saw.

Anyways, after three hours at the museum, my dad and I came back to the hotel to wait for my mom. That's when the rain started up again. Crazy rain and crazy winds. They even had a tornado watch! Bizarre weather changes amuse me. But the rain subsided and we went to dinner with my mom and her work people later on. The place where she is being trained, which is only 8 miles from our hotel, apparently had a crazy hailstorm! One lady said it left a ton of marks and scratches on her car and then one guy couldn't even make it cuz his car got completely flooded! Craaaaaazy!

We'll see what tomorrow holds! This is definitely an interesting and exciting vacation!

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2 Responses to “ Red Lightening, Van Gogh, & Tornado Watches. ”

Faith said...

Tornado watches, man I miss those....Not. XD

Sounds like you are having a great time though!

Liz! said...

hahaha! oh faith. i miss you!

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