8 am

I am NOT a morning person.

Anyone who has spent at least one night with me knows that. Buuuuut, this semester may very well convert me.

I hate 8 o'clock classes. I do my best to avoid them. This semester, I only have one (it's a graphic design class) and it is only one day a week. Not too bad...or so I thought. Then came my work schedule. Three days a week, just like last year. But then, each of those days, I begin at 8! Howwwww sucky! Of course, when I told my parents, they were both pretty happy about it. "Oh good. You'll learn how to live in the real world now." "Oh good, you'll be sleeping and waking at normal human hours." Bleh.

I'm not too excited about this. But I guess that's life!

Whateverrrrr. I WONT let this ruin my excitement for the semester! Who cares if I have to wake up at 7, five days of the week?

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3 Responses to “ 8 am ”

julsie said...

If it makes you feel less alone, I have a 7:30am class, two days a week. I do not classify myself as a Morning Person. haha

Liz! said...

haha thanks! it's nice to have someone to sympathize with! :)

K.C. said...

Ya, this year I have to be at work at the same time that I would wake up at last year...bummer.

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