Growing Upward.

Pharisee: (noun) one who believes more than they do.

I absolutely love my Christian Doctrine class! Dr. Morgan is amazing. I kept wishing I could handwrite as fast as I type because I wanted to jot down almost everything he said! Scripture references are like periods at the end of his sentences. That's another thing I love.

Since today was our first actual class session, he spent the hour and a half talking about why theology is important and the attitude we need to approach theology with. I felt like I was sitting in Conviction 101 when he said his definition of a Pharisee. It was good conviction though, conviction that stirs me to action.

I feel like I can be a Pharisee. Head knowledge doesn't always turn into action in my case. So instead of just sitting here and moping about my pathetic pharisaical nature, I am making it my goal for the semester to grow up and to grow upward.

So here we go! The semester has started and I have set a new goal! (It doesn't have to be new year's day to have a resolution!)

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Anonymous said...

Awww youre so cute! I found your blog from twitter! Thats so good to hear Liz! =) im glad youre classes are going good, thats definitely a plus with going to a christian college the conviction.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

Thats awesome!!

Roomie, how can I help you and how can I hold you accountable?

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