Off Day.

Today has been a MAAAAAJOR off day...and it all started at work.

First, the printer went psychotic. At first, it wouldn't even print the letters Tiffany ran for me. It kept saying to load the paper tray even though the thing was FULL. Then, when it finally decided to print, it was printing a letter to girl that wasn't even in my stack of inquiry cards! I donno where the computer was getting her info from! So annoying! Well, it fiiiinally worked and then I headed back to my computer.

As I was sitting there, error messages kept popping up. Even when I wasn't touching the computer, they would still pop up. I decided to restart the program and try again. Alas, when I restarted, it told me my username and password were invalid. I walked over to tell my boss, who actually found the situation a little humorous. After several phone calls to IT, I was finally able to get back on the computer. Yeeeeesh.

Not my day. Thank God for a gracious boss though!

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