Crowder. Wallace. Gibson.

I am currently reading David Crowder's newest book "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die."

In the beginning, authors Crowder and Hogan are talking about the history of bluegrass and tell a story about when they went to Scotland to do a concert.

[When I went to Scotland in 2006, I was completely amused by the William Wallace statue. Either Mel Gibson was the perfect actor to play Wallace in Braveheart, or the statue was actually of Gibson! It looked ridiculously like Mel Gibson to me, although not very many people seemed to agree.]

The guy giving the Crowder Band a ride from the airport to their hotel seemed to agree with me. "A few years ago a monument of William Wallace was erected in the town, which just so happens to look exactly like Mel Gibson! People come from all over the world to see one of our national treasures, one of the greatest Scots in history, and what do they get? An Australian in a kilt! Bah!"

What do you think?

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bondChristian said...

I probably would have agreed, but after the post building it up, I was expecting it to look more like him. Still, they did a pretty good job with it, whether Wallace to Gibson or Gibson to Wallace.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Yvonne said...


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