The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

I am a BIG fan of Christmastime. I love the mood of the season. I love the smell of Christmas trees and cinnamon apple candles. I love Christmas lights. So naturally, I was heartbroken when I found out that CBU was not going to light the big tree this year due to—oh how it pains me to say this—the budget cuts. We do not have money for lights. And since we don't have money for the big Christmas tree, we aren't lighting the palm trees either.

Sorry city of Riverside, sorry Magnolia Avenue, sorry neighboring community. You will have to drive by the utter darkness because some grinch decided it would be a better investment to water (and flood) the grass than it would be to have SOME festivities.

Merry Christmas.
Baaaaah humbug.

Dear CBU officials, for the sake of the spirit of Christmas, I forgive you. Though I am heartbroken, I cannot not remain bitter forever.

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Kylee said...

CBU actually gets all of our water for watering the lawn and other plants for free. We have water rights to a fresh water source underneath the school. But I think we have to pay for all of the purified water we drink and shower those terrible floods and mud puddle cost CBU nothing. Silly CBU

Allison said...

Yea, I was sad when my dad told me months ago, I was told to keep it quiet so there wasnt too much of an uproar, i wanted to tell u liz, i did, i knew you would be as upset if not more than i was when i found out.

Yvonne said...

LAME!!!! L...A...M...E...LAME!!!!

Liz! said...

kylee, how'd you find that out??

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