Dream Chasing.

Christmas has passed. Wow, how time flies! Next semester is creeping upon me. My last semester of college for my entire life. Yeesh! Graduation is in 125 days. Then comes who knows what.

I can go dream chasing, I guess. Summer in England. Move someplace random. Random like Missouri (which wouldn't be so random because the Hallmark headquarters are in Missouri. I could apply there and hope I land my dream job.) Then the real who knows what.

I am glad God knows. Dream chasing isn't so much chasing after the wind when God is in control.

God, please guide my dreams—be the wind that blows me in the right direction.

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3 Responses to “ Dream Chasing. ”

bondChristian said...

Yes, this time last year, I was doing exactly what you're doing. I love it. Sometimes the it's funner to dream than even have the dream come true... the excitement is intense.


-Marshall Jones Jr.

Liz! said...

yes, the excitement is VERY intense! i cannot stop dreaming! lol.

Yvonne said...

EXCUSE ME!!!! SOMEPLACE...RANDOM?????? YOU ARE LIVING WITH ME REMEMBER!!!! (Notice there are no ? after remember).

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