DIY Repairs

It was bound to happen. I love candles. I light them all the time and I leave them unattended.

Today, I lit a candle, set it on my wooden dresser and left to the kitchen. I was gone for probably half an hour. Mind you, the candle had already been lit for about an hour before. When I returned to my room, I found that it had completely melted all over my dresser, down the side, and all over the carpet. "Haven't you done this before?" might you ask. Well, I have, but not to this extent.

I was faced with this dilemma: how in the world do I get wax off of carpet?!

The internet came to my rescue. Thank you, Mr. Al Gore. Place a paper bag on the area of the carpet with wax on it, and with an iron on the lowest level, iron the paper bag using slow, circular motions. It worked! What do you know! So, if you are ever in the same dilemma, try the paper bag thing. It's magical!

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Yvonne said...

Oh my gosh!!!

Sooooo does this mean you will continue to leave candles (I almost said on lol) because you know how to clean it? Or will you stop doing it so you don't have to again?

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