I left my heart in England.

I haven't blogged in ten days. And I am suffering from a lack of inspiration.

So, I am just going to continue my tradition of random countdowns!

10 days til job interview! (Ha! I'll blog about this later—maybe—depending on the outcome!)
11 days til Santa Cruz!
13 days til San Diego!
14 days til David and Esther's Wedding!
20 days til Beachside Summerfest!
27 days til Yvonne's Birthday!
56 days til Miray's wedding!
63 days til Junior High Camp!
76 days til I go to England!
83 days til Creationfest!

I love how every countdown ends with Creationfest. Yes, my life revolves around it.

Forget New York—I left my heart in England.

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5 Responses to “ I left my heart in England. ”

Allison said...

haha nice.... then... u wont come back ;( oh no! you BETTER come back liz. :)

Liz! said...

if i ever left permanently (i can only dream!), i'd definitely come back to visit!

katie bennallick said...

83 days woooop :) can't wait to see you all. take you back for some more scabby chinese hahaa.

Liz! said...

ohhh katie! i'd eat that chinese food every day if it meant i could always be in england! :) we can make wadebridge fun! :P

Anonymous said...

you're forgetting one very important countdown: 174 days until KC & I get married!!!

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