My Thoughts on eHarmony

I applied for a job at eHarmony. Go ahead, laugh.


Okay, please conclude your laughter now.

I have always had my [negative] opinions on internet-birthed relationships. How weird is that?! I thought. How can you look for your future spouse online yet still claim that God is in control?! Well, after much thought and deliberation, I have decided that using online dating sites such as eHarmony is just making use of your resources. We are living in the 21st century. The internet is a regular way of life. If people in Old Testament days sent out servants to go find spouses for their children, who's to say that online dating is wrong?

So there we have it.

With my sort of luck, this will be the only job I manage to land...unless, of course, eHarmony finds this blog, takes offense at my previous opinion, and stays clear of me.

Either way, eHarmony is my backup plan if I am 35 and unmarried...employee discount or not...13 years to go!

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9 Responses to “ My Thoughts on eHarmony ”

Yvonne said...

hahaha!!! Nice!!!
Maybe you wont need to use eharmony maybe you will meet your man working there. Then you can both leave and open your own place! (Clarification: Not a dating place a graphic design place)

Liz! said...

hahahahahaha i am glad you made the clarification! :P

Allison said...

interesting... very interesting.... im actually quite surprised with this lol well not the application thing, i knew about that, just your new found liking to it.... dont worry liz we will find u a husband... lol

Liz! said...

hahahaha. before i'm 35??

Jenna M. Dodson said...

I'm there with you! 35 is my age too!

eHarmony_jack said...

Hi Liz,

What a fun post. It’s true that many people wonder about the validity of online relationship searching, but it really does work. It’s very fulfilling to work for eHarmony, knowing that all these couples never would have joined in union without our tool. Although they all met through the service, they each have a colorful, unique story to share. You can check out some stories on our Facebook wall: It’s found to be an average of 236 people a day getting married through eHarmony, too!

One little caveat if you do end up working for eHarmony: you won’t get an “employee discount” – you won’t be able to use the service at all, unfortunately.

All the same, it is refreshing reading your positive perspective on our service.

Best regards,


Yvonne said...

...seriously I can hardly catch my breath!!!

Yvonne said...

Can't join??? Why, so you don't get p.o. and quit if it doesn't work out??? lol!!

Liz, told ya you just had to meet someone who worked there lol!!

Liz! said...

WOW! 236 people a day!! That is a very impressing statistic!

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