Water, Parking, and Shipping

There are three things in life I absolutely cannot stand paying for: water, parking, and shipping.

1) Water - God made it. Why should any human feel they have the right to charge you for it? That's like charging you to breathe. I don't care how much effort it took you to "purify" it.

2) Parking - I feel somewhat hypocritical with this one. I have always said I wanted to buy a large lot near a famous, high trafficked attraction and make a living buy allowing people to park there for a small fee. But when it comes down to it, it's so frustrating to drive somewhere and then find out that you have to pay to leave your car there! Gaaaaaaaah!

3) Shipping - You order something online. You feel so accomplished because it was a wonderful deal. Then you pay the tax. Eww, that raised the price a bit. Wait, what?? There's more?? $3.99 just to ship ONE book?? Whyyyyy? It actually only cost $1.29 to mail it. Thieves!

How do you feel?

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3 Responses to “ Water, Parking, and Shipping ”

Faith said...

Totally agree with you, 'specially with the water one. It's so ridiculous that I have to pay for a naturally occurring substance that keeps me alive! Shipping is depressing too. :(

Becs said...

You won't like living in England! Free parking just doesn't exist here, unless you find a cheeky free car park. Otherwise you pay to park pretty much everywhere, or you can only leave your car there for an hour or so. I've got used to it now, but I don't particularly like it...

Water - It's annoying, but if you're out and you've forgotten, there's not much of a choice! I usually reuse the bottle though. But then, people got to get it to you - like for showers and stuff...

Shipping - yes! Such a pain, because you know it didn't cost that much! Want to know what's worse? I live about 5 miles away from the Amazon shipping centre, but I can't go and pick it up! Boo!

Liz! said...

Becca! Despite how frustrating all this is, I just got really excited that you live 5 minutes away from the Amazon Shipping Centre! I want to move to England and work there! Hahaha.

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