Happy Thanksgiving! [Day 28]

Today is the first Thanksgiving I have ever missed. It is a day of thanks, but I don't feel thankful at this very moment. I am a bit sad. I love my family, and while I am totally happy living in the UK, I can't help but wish I was with my family today.

It is said, "When you feel the lack, give thanks." It's hard to feel sad about what you lack when you focus on how much you actually have. So here goes. Day 28—a list.
  • Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and giving me a hope of eternal life in heaven
  • The best husband in the whole world
  • A home—a comfy one at that! With plenty of nice things!
  • Food to eat—I've never had to go to bed hungry
  • Snacks in excess—when I finish something, I can just open another!
  • Clean water
  • Hot water to shower with
  • Warm clothes
  • My iPhone!
  • Netflix and plenty of DVDs—a constant source of entertainment
  • Religious freedom
  • My ability to read
  • The Bible in my language
  • Friends—both in England and America!
  • Technology—allowing me to talk to my friends and family in America at the click of a button!
  • Chocolate
  • My supply of Cheetos—gonna restock soon!
  • Coffee
  • Books & my kindle
I can go on forever. Buuuuut, I'll stop now! Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Also, it's an American tradition for the president to pardon a turkey every Thanksgiving Eve...one of my favorite traditions! Enjoy this video from yesterday!

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