Nail Polish: A Scam

I have SO many different colors of nail polish that through my 22 years of life, I have never finished a bottle.

But yesterday, I came pretty close. Until I came across a problem. The brush doesn't reach to the bottom! What are you supposed to do once you get past the bottom of the brush?! Throw away the last bit??? I bet they do that on purpose, hike up the price because of the net weight even though you wont actually be able to use it all. LAME!

Are there any more scams like this I didn't know about?

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2 Responses to “ Nail Polish: A Scam ”

Becs said...

I've always found that the can your soda comes in is slightly weighted at the bottom, to make you think there's more than there is. Maybe this makes you drink faster, so you may have to get more than one? Maybe I'm being cynical!

Liz! said...

actually i think you are probably right. i think with food and drink items in general, they are always trying to get you to buy more. this is a crazy world we live in!

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