Satisfaction in a Dumbphone.

Yes, I'm materialistic. I'm human and I live in southern California.

But this whole iPhone thing is getting out of hand. I want an iPhone 4. But I can't get one. Next best thing? iPhone 3gs. Too expensive. Solution? Opting out from the iPhone scene all together. Problem? T-mobile was sneaky when we changed our plan.

They offered a new plan which was cheaper than what we were paying in the past and it offered more. So we changed to that plan. Little did we know that that plan didn't offer phone discounts for upgrades. And supposedly you are never allowed to switch back to your old plan once you've switched to this one. T-mobile fail.

Uggggghhhhhhh. Maybe I'll just move my SIM card back to my old flip phone. That phone did its job just fine. And that way, I wont have to mope about my lack of a better iPhone since I wont even have a smartphone at all.

Life was much more simple before I got a smartphone. There's satisfaction in a dumbphone.

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4 Responses to “ Satisfaction in a Dumbphone. ”

Becs said...

I'm getting the iPhone 4 hopefully, but my network is being pretty annoying... They're getting them late for some reason, and then told me I won't get one til the end of the year. I'm thinking, no, I want it now! I'll try not to make you too jealous if I have it by 7th August. I know what you mean though - there's always a better phone. At least with a dumbphone, they're all better!

Liz! said...

it's always the networks who cause issues!

so, if you get yours by august 7th, will you let me play with it? :)

Yvonne said...

Pleeeease you love your iphone! There is no going back!

Becs said...

Of course you can! Fine by me :)

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