So long, sweet autofocus!

I am now the proud owner of a 50mm f/1.8 lens. 
I love it, but within my first moments of experimentation, 
it taught me to be more appreciative
of autofocus. Even though it is an autofocus lens,
you have to manually focus when using it with a Nikon D5000.
Practice makes perfect, right?

This is me trying to be Enoch. Heh, in my dreams!

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2 Responses to “ So long, sweet autofocus! ”

gwenevere said...

Oh my goodness these are such beautiful shots! That lens works wonders. I am excited to have our next photoshoot! :D

Liz! said...

why thank you! it IS a pretty cool lens! see, it does that super blur i wanted! :)

p.s. i am suuuuper excited for our next photoshoot also! you DEFINITELY need to figure out a way for us to get ahold of costumes. :)

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