Accessory Pen Pals

Recently, my friend Kerry and I reconnected. We've known each other since junior high so it's exciting catching up on what's happened in each other's lives in the past 12+ years.

In the midst of facebooking, commenting on each other's blogs, and texting, we've come to realize that we both are accessory junkies. She had posted a picture of her nails in a blog post and I just so happened to notice her midi ring. I commented on it and thus began a fun accessory pen pal relationship! She sent me the cutest midi ring in the mail the other day. Thanks Kerry!! 

(Apologies for my unmanicured nails!)

I'm excited to find the perfect accessory to send to you! :)

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Kerry Miller said...

You're so welcome ! I am so glad you got it and love it !! Glad we have reconnected ! Can't wait to see what you find! Happy to be accessory pen pals :)!!!

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