Praise the Lord!

For the past few days, I kept on smelling gas in my house. I would walk over to the stove, smell it, and then walk away thinking I was going crazy because I couldn't smell it anymore. Today, I smelled it even stronger. I didn't think much of it until I started feeling lightheaded because of it. I decided to follow the smell. I followed it to a side cupboard we have in our living room, the same cupboard that houses the gas meter.

In a state of panic, I called Dave since I didn't think it would be enough of an emergency to call Craig's school. He suggested I call Gary, our plumber friend across the road. Thank the Lord for accessible people!

Gary came over and easily diagnosed the problem. We have a gas leak—one that's apparently been going on for some time now! I had been texting Craig updates the whole morning and we both were left saying only one thing: Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord our house hadn't burned down!
Praise the Lord neither one of us passed out from the fumes!
Praise the Lord for friends and neighbors that are so helpful!
Praise the Lord that a repair is just a phone call away!
Praise the Lord that a repair is free!

God is so good to us. This could have easily ended badly. But instead, it just left us praising!

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Kerry Miller said...

How scary ! I am so glad you both are okay and everything is good. Praise the Lord indeed! And for amazing friends :)

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