Yorks Bakery Cafe

I've never really been one to hang out on my own. If I'm alone, I'd rather just stay home. Occasionally, I go out alone if I'm on a mission—if I need to get some groceries or stop at the post office.

Today, I had plans to meet a friend but she was running a bit late. Since it was raining, I didn't want to sit outside and wait for her. So I wandered in and out of stores instead. It was kind of relaxing and refreshing. I didn't buy anything (marriage is the pinnacle of sales resistance!) but it was nice nonetheless. 

When my friend finally arrived, she took me to the cutest coffee shop/cafe! Far less commercialized than Starbucks and significantly more hipster than Portola (sorry, friends!) this place is definitely my new Birmingham go-to spot. I can't wait to bring other people to it! 

I bought a milkshake and they served it to me in a glass milk jug! Plus points! Next time, I want to try a latte! My friend also informed me that their pizzas are really good as well! 

Sorry for the photo shortage. I felt awkward taking pics haha. 

Milkshake, Smoothie, Raspberry Smoothie, Classic Smoothie, Yorks Bakery Cafe

Yorks Bakery Cafe

Yorks Bakery Cafe

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Kerry Miller said...

This place is awesome ! So cute :) Love how they serve the milkshake. Definitely will have to go there when I come into town. Love the atmosphere too.

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