Marriage and Money

People often ask me, "Since you are an only child, were you spoiled growing up?"

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Of course I was spoiled! My parents didn't need to divide their money between multiple kids. I pretty much got most of what I asked for. I don't think I was a brat about it, but there's really no way around being spoiled when you are an only child.

My family isn't wealthy but now that I am married, I can see that we were actually better off that I thought we were. My husband is one of four children. The way he grew up was different. Fancy toys were a treat to them, not a norm. So many times when we are watching movies, I see a character with a toy and proclaim, "I had that!" to which my husband replies, "I didn't." I'm realizing now that my upbringing often is a barrier between me and my husband. Not that it causes us to argue, but it definitely made transitioning to marriage a bit harder. It's challenging to learn in your mid-twenties that you can't have everything you want. It's challenging to have to budget so tightly when it comes to grocery shopping. It's challenging to hold back from making a purchase when an item is on sale when you know you will want it/need it in the future.

Marriage is teaching me a lot about money. It's teaching me that I need to rely on the Lord for His provision and that money doesn't grow on trees. It's also teaching me to trust in my husband. The Lord has given him the role of being head over our household. I know that he works hard to provide for us and I know that by God's grace, we will live comfortably.

"And my God will supply 
every need of yours 
according to his riches 
in glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

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Kerry Miller said...

I am learning about not spending and impulsiving just buying too. I know I have to prepare that I can't always just get up and go shopping. Thank you for sharing the bible verse as well and it is nice to know I have a friend who understands all this :)

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