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Last week, [I think it was last week—time is a blur in my head when Craig is off from work] I shopped at Aldi for my groceries instead of the normal Tesco. My order was £30-something instead of the £40-something it would have been in Tesco. I felt like it was a revolutionary shopping trip and Craig and I decided we were going to continue to shop at Aldi from now on. is an INCREDIBLE shopping tool. (There's an American version out there too, for you American readers...check out!) It lets you pick your items from any store and it compares prices with all the other popular grocery stores! If it can't find a specific item, it replaces it with something similar. I've been using this site since I moved to the UK and it's been soooo helpful. It also helps me not to go wild when I get to the store and see a bunch of things on sale because then I already have my list of items I am planning to buy.

Last week, when Craig and I went, I used the mobile app for this site and took screenshots for him. We both went around the store looking at the images of the items on our phones and racing to see who could find more items first. It was actually fun! Who ever thought food shopping could be that much of an adventure!

Moral of the story: I think everyone should check out this site!

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3 Responses to “ Website Recommendation ”

Kerry Miller said...

That is amazing savings! How have I never heard of this site? It sounds amazing. I am trying to save on anything possible so this site is going to be amazing for me. Thanks for sharing it :) How did you find it?

Elizabeth Walker said...

I don't even remember how I found it! But I'm sure glad that I did!

Kerry Miller said...

I am sure glad you found it too !!

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