Maybe it's not all I want, but you can add this request to my lust list! Too bad no one can actually make this happen for me apart from the company themselves! Let's hope they read my tweet! :P I loooove 6pm.com!

But anyyyyways, speaking of my lust list, I have another update. Craig and I bought Matilda yesterday cuz we found it for £4. So yeah. That can be crossed off of my list now!

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2 Responses to “ 6pm.com ”

Kerry Miller said...

That is a bummer, I will see what I can :) ! I hope they see your tweet too.

Matilda! Love that movie, yay for finding a great deal ! I have to start thinking of my lust list, it may be a little long hehe

Elizabeth Walker said...

Have you ever shopped on their site before, Kerry??

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