Pregnancy Log: Week 35

I never did take a Week 34 photo. I guess I have Christmas to blame for that! We were in Gloucester with Craig's family for a whole week! It was lots of fun! Now I'm at 35+4 and can't believe there is exactly 1 month til our baby's due date! He'll be here SO SOON!! I'm both nervous and excited but I guess that's normal!

Week 35:
Symptoms: Very itchy belly, itchy arms, itchy legs (are we sensing a pattern here?), difficulty sleeping, frequent urination, and the nausea has returned. 

How I'm feeling: My back (by my right kidney) has been hurting again, but apart from that pain, I feel fine!

Cravings: Hot chocolate!

Aversions: "Heavy" foods...and believe it or not, eggs! I never thought I'd ever have an aversion to one of my favorites!

Anything To Report?: Nope.

Wedding Ring: On!

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