I've been struggling with something lately. The fact that Facebook is no longer a social network but has become a place where people share links to articles and then get into arguments with people they haven't seen for 10+ years really is starting to mess with my head. 

What is the purpose for this?

Do we really need another forum where we can argue?

Should I just start deleting people?

Several of my friends have suggested to me in the past that I should delete all the argumentative people from my friends list and move on. The purpose of Facebook is to stay connected with friends and people like that are unnecessary in fulfilling that purpose. They make a valid point. But I can't help but wonder if God has placed Facebook in front of me in order that I might use it as a platform to share Him with others. If I immediately delete those people whom I disagree with, I'm only walking into a "Christian bubble" and blocking my witness. But then again, am I really going to change someone's worldview by something I post on Facebook?

I don't know what I should do. Opinions? Suggestions?

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