"The Blessings of the Pure in Heart"

Come Away My Beloved is one of those books that just gets me to aww every time i read it. I just had to share the part I read today...

"The Blessings of the Pure in Heart"

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." -Matthew 5:8

Is not my heart drawn out toward you to bless you? Have I not said that I would shelter and protect you and be your strong support? Yield your whole being to Me. I am your loving Father. I know your need even before it arises. My provisions are not only sure, but also full and overflowing, so that you may confess with the psalmist, "I shall never want." You will see with a vision denied to many, for your heart is pure, and to the pure of heart is given the promise that they shall see God. How much more glorious than to behold the beauty of a thousand sunsets! How much more thrilling than the sight of the fairest faces ever to grace the earth!

Yes, I shall reveal Myself to you and you shall know Me face-to-face, as Moses did. You shall walk with Me and talk with Me, and I will hold your right hand and be a brother and a friend to you. I shall never leave you, and in the darkness I will be a light for you. Yes, in joy I will be an added comfort, and in the sorrow I will be to you the peace that surpasses understanding.

Do not look to people to tell you more about Me. Look to Me directly, for I will reveal Myself to you in a personal way, in ways no other could tell you. I will be as personal and as dear to you as I was to John, the Beloved. I would take you aside as I did to Peter, and talk to you of things that concern yourself alone. I am not only the God of congregations, but the God of the individual, and I am as concerned for you as I was for Abraham or Joseph or David. 

You are never one of many to Me. You are precious and dear to My heart, yes, even as a very special treasure. For I love you more than you can ever comprehend, and I long to gather you in My embrace and hold you close to My heart. Do not hold Me at arm's length because you have a sense of unworthiness. Have you not read that the redeemed are brought near by the blood of Christ? Your sins are not covered; they are washed away! They are not only forgiven; they are forgotten! Don't hold back My love.

Be as the prodigal when embraced by his father. Though he would have resisted for a moment, he swiftly accepted his father's forgiveness and reciprocated his love and affection.

I, too, would bring you into My house and spread for you a feast of blessings, and place upon you the garment of praise, the ring of relationship, and the sandals of peace. Come, for all things are prepared for you and nothing shall be denied.

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