Mmmm :]

So here it is...printed and framed. I'm pleased with how it turned out...and it is very rare for me to be pleased with my own stuff! 

Look how huge it is too! I'm excited to hang it up!

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5 Responses to “ Mmmm :] ”

Yvette said...

i really want to print out one of my pieces like that!!!! come help me with the process!

rachel said...

but we have to keep in mind how tiny you are. so even though the picture looks huge it must be only because such a tiny person is holding it.

liiiz! said...

ok yvette! i will help you! it was only like a $20 process too! not bad, huh?

and rachel, haha, yeah. i thought about that. i should make one of the tall guys from school hold it so we can see how big it really is! lol.

Holly Strand said...

this is SO great!! I love it:)

liiiz! said...

thanks holly!

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