Count your blessings.

So I have to say, I am incredibly blessed. A lot of people complain about Calvary Chapel Downey. It’s a bad school. They have horrible academics. It’s too strict. All sorts of complaints like that. But now that I am out of high school, I have learned to really appreciate that place. I am pretty sure that Calvary Downey is one of the few schools on the planet (and that is not an irrational exaggeration) where the administrators pray for ALL the past alumni. Talking to Mr. Hearron after church today seriously made my day. They pray for us? Really? They still think about us? …and care enough to pray?? Coincidentally, while I was talking to him, another guy who was also Calvary Downey alumni walked up. I don’t know him though; he graduated 10 years before me. Anyways, Mr. Hearron was telling us both about how the school really wants to improve their alumni relations. They want to get together a group of students from each class, students that are walking closely with the Lord, and get together every so often to pray for the alumni classes. What an incredible idea! What high school does that? When I look back, I am totally thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to go to school there.

Summary of this blog: Count your blessings; they may be right under your nose.

(Yes, I used two semicolons in a blog. I’m a nerd. Be jealous.)

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Yvette said...

two is not nearly enough.

hahaha just kidding. not really. i just finished a paper with a vast array of semicolons; here is one for the road.

liiiz! said...

you make me laugh! :]

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