I want an SLR!

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you feel like you are gonna go crazy? I feel like a little kid...I want an SLR sooooooooooooo bad! I can't stop window shopping online! lol. Seriously, how wonderful would it be to get one before England?

And being able to do this again...

and this...

...but with an EVEN BETTER CAMERA?!

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4 Responses to “ I want an SLR! ”

rachel said...

dude! get out of my head.

a slr camera is my current dream.
i have been wanting one for over a year now and the screen on my old camera is kinda broken and my birthday is coming up so i think i might be getting one.

just tell your parents you need one for graphic design stuff.

and from all your research what have you decided? nikon or canon?
i think im leaning toward cannon now.

liiiz! said...

my parents wont get me one cuz i "already have a working camera." but i might get one with my money...lol. i'm actually leaning towards the nikon d40. it's the most affordable one and everyone i know that has that camera is absolutely in love with it!

haha i love how you and i think alike.

Yvette said...

window shopping online? HAHAHA.

liiiz! said...

haha what else would you call it?

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