any takers?

being back at cbu has been wonderful. classes are awesome. i love my cottage; i love my cottage mates. (i love using semicolons in blogs.) 

one thing i am lacking though is a photography buddy. i mean, i have tons of friends who like taking pictures, but i've been in that i-wanna-go-outside-and-take-500-pictures mood since i got back from england! and cbu is so photogenic! so...any takers? anyone wanna bring their camera and walk around with me and my camera and just take pictures?? =]

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4 Responses to “ any takers? ”

aprilmclean said...

I don't have a nikon, but man would that be so fun!!! I'll bring my camera and you can bring yours!! :)

liz! said...

yaaaaay! sounds good to me!! ok, we TOTALLY have to plan a day for this! =]

aprilmclean said...

name the day and I'm there!!!!! :)

Yvonne said...

YES!!!! You are a brat you keep saying you want US (cottage peeps) to take pics and I told you you ask too much but I would LOVE to go take pics of CBU. Remeber like we did last year for your class at night and we ended up taking pictures on the "balls" and stuff, and you took that really creepy picture of me(you should write a blog about that called...Graphic Design and Digital Media can make anyone look creepy!). =)
Lets go take picture!!

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