stupid stress.

current stress level: 8.5

i hate writing papers when i feel like i have no direction. and i hate when they have to be in stupid apa format. dude, if we could just turn in papers in blog format, life would be so good. ha, like how i am here writing a blog instead of attempting my paper. gaaaaaah!

(p.s. you better appreciate the alliteration in my title. it's the academia flowing out. ha, academia. i don't think i've ever actually used that word in proper context before...)

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3 Responses to “ stupid stress. ”

Yvonne said...

calm your self!!! (yes I wanted it to be 2 words.)

Anonymous said...

UGH apa is so annoying! why does it even matter? i agree with you. blog form should be allowed :D lol

Liz! said...

yeah, i have no idea why format matters! i mean, teachers are being so critical of format that they don't even care about the context of our papers anymore!! grrr!

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