Oh the joys of homework!

Biblical Interpretation is the best class ever! (And Dr. Dan is the coolest professor ever!)

Ok, so our homework assignment tonight was on the passage in Mark 5:21-43 where Jesus heals Jairus's daughter and the woman with the blood flow disorder. We had to find contrasts and comparisons between both stories and write them in a list. 

Yvonne came up with the best thing ever (only as a joke, of course). But I thought the opportunity was way too good to pass up. It has now been "posted-noted" (yes, I make up my own hyphenated verbs) and is soon to be in the hands of Dr. Dan. I hope he finds it as humorous as we did! 

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5 Responses to “ Oh the joys of homework! ”

Yvette said...

oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Liz! said...

hahaha i know! we are amazing. lol.

Faith said...

That...was brilliant.

Yvonne said...

I LOVE that this is funny to people. And I LOVE that you actually posted this and that it made you laugh soooo much last night, and I thought you were just sleepy. Well maybe you were and Yvette and Faith are just sleepy too! If so I hope Dr.Dan is sleepy when he gets to my assignment.
Well, everyone thit just goes to show how my mind works at night!

julsie said...

Haha, nice picture!
Hopefully he finds it as funny! :)

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