A Bad Sign.

I was sitting in my room when Mariah walks in and says,"Somebody wrote a bad sign on the fridge." Immediately I deny doing it. My curiosity couldn't hold it any longer so I walked out to look. This is what I saw. Hahahaha! Faith, YOU are brilliant!

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Faith said...

LOL, glad you all liked it. XD

Liz! said...

i definitely did! hahaha! you are hilarious! =]

Yvonne said...

I loved this!!! Great job Faith!!
When you said you denied doing it, it made it sound like you did it. lol!

Yvonne said...

oh and on here 2 days in a row, im getting pretty good. Now I just have to post something. =)

Yvonne said...

Oh p.s.
this should be a blog on our cottage blog, since it was on the cottage...blue? board. lol =)

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