My rebellious heart just wants to park on the grass.

The End of the World. It happened yesterday.

I pulled into cbu at 8:58 p.m. Yes! I'm back before 9 so I can quickly finish my homework so Yvonne and I can watch a movie! 

I drive over to where the apartments are so I can drop Michelle and April off and then I drive back to the cottages. I drive up and down every isle and cannot find a single parking spot! So I drive to the back parking lot and check there too. Nope, no spot. So I come back and try the first lot again. Still, no spots. I drive to the back again, and then to Lancer Arms, and then back to the cottages. Pretty much, this cycle went on forever! I was getting SOOOOOO frustrated! I call Michelle to vent, then I call Yvonne to vent.

Then I called Public Safety. I said to the guy as nicely as I could, "Umm, I have been driving around for twenty minutes and there is not a single spot for me to park in. Is it ok if I park in visitor parking tonight?" 

"ABsoLUTEly NOT!" he replied (emphasizing the same syllables I capitalized). "There is a volleyball game going on right now. What I suggest is that you stop your car, put it in park, and wait til the game gets out."

Ughhhhhhhh! That is not ok! Seriously, it should not be the end of the world to park at my "small, private school." And...public safety should not be so rude.

My rebellious heart just wants to park on the grass. 

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7 Responses to “ My rebellious heart just wants to park on the grass. ”

Faith said...

Oh gosh, that seriously is a pain. I would have totally parked in the grass...ok, maybe not. =p

But jeez, you can't park in visitor parking for just a little while? Not like it would be the end of the world if you did.

Liz! said...

i think we should all start parking on the grass. maybe it'll start a new trend!!

Ray Family Blog said...

Thats a bummer! I hate when you can't find parking spots at your own living space! That happened when we were back in SD and only had 1 assigned spot and 2 cars. I can relate to the frustration you felt.

carly said...

UUUGGGGGHHHH i feel your pain!!!!! i think we all do. lol. :( dang.

Yvonne said...

I understand!!! STUPID PARKING. I love CBU but I hate that about it!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah it's really bad.
later that night...when kc got out of class...he drove over here to come say hi really quick and there was a parking spot right in front. omg i was like aw poor liz. once in awhile there are those random spots. but you never know when that time will come... :(

Jillian McLaughlin said...

you should have parked on the grass. that would have been awesome.

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