The Month of September.

I just realized, for the month of September, I had only 10 blog posts...and Michelle had 11!! I had been begging Michelle to make a blog for a whooooole year, and she finally makes one and beats me at blogging! That is not ok! Sorry Michelle. So, this blog is utterly useless for those of you who are reading. Congrats at beating me, Michelle. Well, I guess this useless blog makes us tied! And September isn't over yet!

P.S. I conformed. I have a twitter now. "Follow" me. And if you don't have one, you should make one =]

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Shaka said...

haha's cuz i have SOOO many exciting things to talk about...Jk i dunno what im saying. you always look at me in anticipation of what im going to say next...but i dont know y cuz usually i dont impress you.

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