Today was SO outrageously out of whack that it deserves a blog post. I think my twitter account captured the wackiness though so I'll just compile a list of tweets that got the most feedback today.

• "May I have your first and last name please?" "Elizabeth Mousa." "Thanks Kelly, how may I help you today?" "Uh, I'm Elizabeth."
• The janitor just told me, "You're very pretty." Today keeps getting more and more interesting.
• the bathroom at work is FRIGID. i thought my hands were going to fall of when i washed them.
• a million little kids just came into my work. i need a decibel diffuser.

Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT bad. Guess you just had to be there. Or maybe the play by play on twitter just made it more dramatic.

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Yvonne said...

Your day made me laugh.

*If only you were the one almost hit by an ambulance in a cross walk (did you see my tweet?). It would have been a great weird thing to add to your weird day!

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